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About Zenith India

Zenith thrives through excellence by providing excellent services in Education sphere. Our journey began in the year 2011 and since then we have seen ourselves making a significant mark in aptitude training industry and content development thereby justifying our company name "zenith" - the highest point.

Our Vision

  • To make positive changes with our world class training and make individuals ready for the industry.
  • To be the best in online testing industry.
  • To be India's best in the field of content development and management.

Our Mission

  1. To improve the employability quotient of Indian youth thereby providing the finest of best training.
  2. Help clients to make more informed decisions in testing arena.
  3. Use our vast knowledge to help clients in item development as per their needs.

Our Logo

Our logo is made up of two open boxes signifies how we create new dimensions for our clients and for the individuals we train. Our logo also form letter ā€˜Zā€™ of English alphabet series and is synonymous with our name Zenith.

Our Colours

Our colours have been choosen keeping in mind our values and believes. Each colour has its own unique importance. The significance of our colours is as:

Green: Growth

Yellow: Clarity, Optimism

Blue: Trust, Dependability

Purple: Creativity, Imagination

Our Founders

Sunil Palia

   B.Sc. (Mathematics), MCA

He is a veteran in the field of training and teaching having a decade long experience of training around 10000 students and a training experience of more than 500 hours. He has authored many books on aptitude as well. He is an expert in evaluating and developing focused training programs and also has an unparallel ability to explain things in an easily understandable way.

Jitesh Vohra

   B.E., MBA (Marketing)

He has a corporate experience of 2 years working with 'Dell International Services' as a Business Development Manager and around 12 years of experience in training and teaching industry. He has authored a wide variety of content as well. He has trained more than 6000 students and with more than 400 hours experience of training. He specializes in various corporate trainings.