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The employment scenario in Indian and International markets is changing fast. Organization are now looking for individual who don't have only a particular skill set by an aptitude to complement the skill set as well. Most of the organizations train their employees before putting them on any project but they require the talent who is competent and able to grasp that training quickly and effectively. This is the main reason why most of the organizations have inculcated an Aptitude Test into their recruitment process. This is where the Campus Catalyst Program comes into the picture. The program has been designed in such a manner that it provides each individual with the insights of Quantitative Aptitude, Logical Reasoning, Verbal Ability and Personality Development, that not only help them in clearing their Aptitude based placement examination but also they become a potent tool for them for all their future endeavors. Campus Catalyst is delivered in variety of formats depending upon the needs of the stakeholders (the college and the students). Some of the variations of Campus Catalyst are:-

  1. Company Specific Training :- The focus is to prepare the individuals for a particular company visiting their campus. Apart from training on various aspects of aptitude a special focus is given on the topics which the company has been asking historically in their test. There is special focus on discussing various previous year questions asked by the company so that the candidate is ready to face the test and clear it as well.

  2. Test Specific Training :- There are a variety of placement test that are being conducted by different organization viz. NACTECH, E-Litmus, AMCAT etc. Many of the organizations are considering the scores of the students in these tests for their placement process. The program focuses on the test being given by the candidates and prepares them to excel in the same.

  3. General Campus Training :- Irrespective of the company and the test this program prepares an individual to face and tackle all the placement related test that are conducted. This program is a comprehensive program that encompasses all the aspects of aptitude in detail.