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General PDP

Personality is the combination of attitude, aptitude and behavior of an individual. Personality is the first thing that anyone sees and is a very potent tool to leave a lasting impression on someone's mind. This personality can be used by the individuals in their interviews, sales pitch, and interaction with clients etc to influence them and increase the chances of their selection for a job, for some work. Keeping all these points in mind we have developed a unique personality development program in collaboration with some of the best PDP trainers of the country. The program focuses on complete personality development of an individual rather than polishing only few skills. The program focuses on the following aspects of personality development :-

  • Resume Writing Skills
  • Public Speaking Skills
  • Presentation Skills
  • Interview Skills
  • Group Discussion Skills

Spoken English Training

The language plays a very important role in any form of interaction be it a formal interaction like an interview, a business meeting, a meeting with the client or even if it is a casual conversation. The spoken English Catalyst program focuses on polishing the spoken English language of individuals to provide them with a cutting edge in any conversation that they get into. The program highlights on :-

  • Correct Usage of Words
  • Eliminating Common Errors
  • Technical Jargons (When to use and when not to use)